International Certifications & Accreditations

GAFTA - Grain & Feed Trade Association

GAFTA is an international trade association, located in London, whose main objective is to promote international trade in agricultural commodities and protect the interests of its members. The GAFTA has more than 1,400 members in 86 countries. This association allows that Cugnier performs inspections of grains for the International Market.

United Nations Global Compact

Cugnier supports the Global Compact, an initiative developed by former UN Secretary‐ General Kofi Annan to mobilize the international business community to embrace fundamental and internationally accepted core business practices In the areas of human rights, labor relations, environment and anti‐corruption reflected in 10 principles.

This initiative counts on the participation of United Nations agencies, companies, unions, non‐governmental organizations and other partners necessary to build a more inclusive and egalitarian global market. Today there are more than 12,000 signatory organizations articulated by about 150 networks around the world.

ISO ‐ International Organization for Standardization 9001

The Cugnier has the Quality Management System certified by ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an international norm of standardization to improve the management of the company, according to certain requirements

Through ISO 9001, an enterprise applies in its processes standards for its management and quality system, improve the provision of customer service and it is also used to measure customer satisfaction.

International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements

Cugnier is an associate member of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), founded in 1972 in France by Roland Chevriot (Nature et Progrès), Lady Eve Balfour (UK Soil Association), Kjell Arman (Swedish Biodynamic Association) and Jerome Goldstein (Rodale Institute) to coordinate actions of international level for the dissemination of scientific and experimental data on organic farming.

Currently, around 800 members in more than 100 countries are affiliated with IFOAM, which work actively with international organizations such as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), as well as governments, promoting and setting standards for organic agriculture.

International Federation of Inspection Agencies

The International Federation of Inspection Agencies is a non‐governmental organization in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, which brings together the top 40 analyst firm, inspection and certification firms of the world.

This organization aims to improve the methods, standards, safety procedures and rules used by its members in providing services. It also seeks to promote global recognition of the value, reliability and integrity of services. Companies associated with the IFIA are committed to: maintaining the highest quality standards in the application of technical standards and appropriate professional for all aspects of their work;

Implementation of quality assurance programs and appropriate methods in all its sectors; Adherence to all international safety conventions and compliance with all guidelines and Code of Ethics IFIA.

Founded in 1982, IFIA is based in London, being a non‐profit organization. The President of Cugnier, Mr. Luiz Cugnier, is a board member of IFIA and sole representative of Brazil and Latin America. The IFIA is registered in England with the following Identification: VAT GB 626 4250 53.

Blue Flag Program

The Blue Flag Program is a seal awarded to beaches, marinas and sustainable tourism boat operators developed by the international non‐governmental organization and nonprofit FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education).

The Blue Flag Program started in France in 1985 and has been implemented throughout Europe since 1987 and in non‐European countries since 2001. Currently the Blue Flag Program has become truly global. In Brazil the Blue Flag Program is represented by the Environments in Network Institute (ENI), a member of FEE since 2005 and Cugnier is accredited by the Institute for the adequacy of public beaches and private marinas to the Blue Flag Certification.

The Blue Flag program promotes sustainable tourism development in marine and freshwater areas. The program challenges local authorities and beach managers, marinas and operators of sustainable tourism boats to seek high management standards in six categories: water quality, environmental management, environmental education and information, security and services, social responsibility and responsible tourism.

Over the years, the Blue Flag has become very respected and recognized by the work of gathering and environmental sectors in local area, regional and national tourism to ensure sustainability in tourism.

IQNET ‐ The International Certification Network

The International Certification Network based in Bern / Switzerland, is active since 1990 and has more than 40 certification organizations, with more than 200 subsidiaries worldwide. Each of one of these members is a leader in its region and collectively, through the IQNet, represent the most extensive and reputable network of world certification bodies.

Venezuelan Commission for Industrial Standards

The Venezuelan Commission of Industrial Standards is the Venezuelan standard system that determines rules for the provision of international services certification companies, responsible for the inspection of goods for export to Venezuela.

All Venezuelan government imports from Brazil are inspected and certified by Cugnier, considering that the set of rules COVENIN covers all products imported by Venezuela.

Non‐GMO certification

Cugnier performs the certification of foods and derivatives as free of Genetically Modified Organisms ‐ GMO, by collecting samples all stages of the production process and sending them to laboratory tests, ensuring the total absence of GMO in the products marketed.